South Downs Way. Litter Picking. Saturday March 14th - CANCELLED

The South Downs National Park Authority are keen for us to continue with an annual litter collection on The South Downs Way.  We will be assuming responsibility for the two sections of the SDW that pass between Eastbourne and Alfriston.

We will therefore be collecting rubbish on this stretch on Saturday 14th March.  Bags and litter-pickers will be provided.  It is hoped that if enough people volunteer to help, we should be able to complete the task in a morning.  I have divided the stretch into five sections.

Eastbourne to Birling Gap which would probably need four people to cover the paths, especially where they branch over and round Belle Tout lighthouse.

Birling Gap to Exceat which again would probably require four people to cover the two routes from the mouth of the Cuckmere to Exceat

Exceat to Alfriston which could be done by two people

Eastbourne to Jevington which could be done by two people

Jevington to Alfriston which could be done by two people.

I am happy to be one of those doing the Seven Sisters section.

We need volunteers for each of the sections. You can either volunteer individually and I will allocate you a section or you can form your own mini team to do the section that you wish.

We will need to meet at the start of the SDW at the foot of the Downs (far western end of Eastbourne seafront) to collect the bags etc. Each team would be responsible for finding their way back to the start of their section. Litter bags will be collected at designated spots at the end of each of the sections.

If you would like to help, please contact me via the link on the Committee page,.

Anthony Mitchell