Music & Cultural Events - Glyndebourne Visit

By Chris Coates,  Cultural Correspondent 

Date now chosen:- Thursday 19th October 2017. Barber of Seville by Rossini

Tickets have now been purchased for those that are going - so entries are now closed for this year

In October 2016, a dozen of us went to Glyndebourne, to see Don Giovanni, by Mozart.   

This was the Tour production - they do it for a few weeks at Glyndebourne before going off to tour the south of England. It isn't the full festival production - champagne is optional, dress is smart casual, and it costs about £35 instead of £200.  But the productions are beautiful, and the cast are excellent, and some may be the stars of the future

 It was very good - spectacular scenery and effects, and lovely singing**.

The Don is not a nice man, but he gets carried off into the flames of hell at the end, so that's all right, then !

We met before the show, grabbed a table, and had a bit of a picnic, with wine and nibbles.  Gillian, our departing Secretary, brought some bubbly, and M&S desserts, to celebrate her move to Yorkshire.  We had more than enough food - maybe next year we should appoint a food commissar to plan  portion sizes.  (Or just set up a checkpoint like at Norton on the Sussex Stride, with a tea urn, and cooking bacon sandwiches on  a camping stove ?).

Chris Coates will organise this, if we can get a group of 12 or more. (Booking as a group allows you to book 2 weeks earlier than individuals, and you get 10% discount).

Please note that this trip is not limited to committee members - all members of the Group are welcome, with partners and friends. 

**  Here are some of the best bits from the opera in October:  

La,  Tada, Tadada,  Boom, Inferno !